Step 1 choose foam

From the experience for over a decade, this makes us able to produce many kinds of products.

  • Hardness: You can choose the level of hardness. For example, as soft as sponge to as hard as wood.
  • Flexibility: You can choose the level of flexibility.
  • Other properties: For instance, conductivity, not spread the fire and fragrance.

Step 2 choose color

Choosing the color that you would prefer.  There are 2 types

  • Using the standard colors: We make the standard colors for customers in 13 colors for the convenience of customers and production.
  • Using the selected color: Customers can choose any colors from the Pantone. After that, a customer gives us the Pantone Number.


Besides, the properties of EVA foam and colors that customers can choose. We can make designs on the surface of EVA as well. If customers want to make the design on the surface, you can choose any designs in 10 designs as follows: